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It’s A Whole New World Out There. Are You Sure You Want To Go It Alone?

It’s A Whole New World Out There. Are You Sure You Want To Go It Alone?

Now that the dust is settling, we can all see that our business world has changed and will never go back to the way it was. So it’s up to us to learn how to function in this new world and it’s lots easier when you’re learning along with a group of your peers. One of the ways we’re doing this is through our own Roundtables™ group. Yes, we are part of a group of companies that facilitate peer groups for specific types of business owners:  dentists, optometrists, health club owners, garden nurseries, IT companies and more.

I started this group after experiencing years of our own Roundtables™ and seeing the huge value that our members receive from working with a group of savvy peers. And it’s been SO well worth the investment of time and money!

While everyone works differently, the core business is alike so we are free to pick and choose best practices that will enhance our company’s programs and bring more value to our members. It’s several days of nothing but talking business and learning about each other and our operations. I love it!

And it’s wonderful to hear from our members who feel exactly the same way about us. Here’s just one unsolicited comment:

Thanks Victoria to you and all of your staff for a great workshop. We here at Craftsman Design are really pumped up and had a great meeting with our staff reviewing our notes and making plans for our future. It is REALLY nice to see that the REALITY of your organization meets the ADVERTISING. We are looking forward to the focus and direction that a group like Remodelers Advantage helps give our company!

If you’re ready to stop working alone, we’d love to have you join us. As another member said recently:

It’s no secreat that may of the best and strongest companies in the country are  Remodelers Advantage members.



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