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3 Keys to Converting Website Leads to Sales

3 Keys to Converting Website Leads to Sales

So more and more of your leads are coming from the web, right? But here’s the question … Are you happy with how many are converting to solid, set appointments and sales? If not, you’re not alone as many remodelers are experiencing lackluster ‘conversion rates’ with web shoppers. Well, listen up as we’re about to explore some astounding realities that just COULD help improve your internet marketing results dramatically. First, let’s define a web lead. It could be an inquiry that comes your way from one of the major internet lead providers. Or, it could simply be an inquiry (submitted form) from your website or landing page(s) like an estimate or consumer guide request or possibly a sweepstakes entry of some sort. However, the lead gets to you, it almost always requires a “response” on your part; usually it’s an effort to set an appointment for a consultation.

Picture This…

You go to your favorite upscale department store on a Tuesday morning and ask to talk to a salesperson about a new suit or dress only to be told they will be happy to help you Friday morning! Crazy, right? The fact is … the same is true for responding to your inbound internet leads. Your immediate and skillful response is crucial to your success. In fact, research from Harvard, Northwestern University, MIT and others show that web generated leads convert 22 times more often when you make contact within the first five minutes. Here are some more astonishing statistical facts regarding web leads:

  • 63% of companies fail to respond to their web leads within 1 hour, 24% fail to respond within one day and 23% fail to respond AT ALL!
  • 25% of companies surveyed THINK they respond to their web leads within 5 minutes when in reality only 5% actually do
  • The first company to contact a web submitted prospect has a 238% higher rate of conversion than the second (These prospects are likely checking out other companies also)

You may want to share these realities with all your employees so they can see the importance of “The 5 Minute Rule”.

Here’s How You Can Convert More Web Leads

So what’s the answer to converting more of your web leads to appointments and sales? Three things … Speed, Skills, and Persistence. Web leads are different than many other types of leads so let’s examine each of these three success components…

  • Speed – The statistics above make it very clear that your speed of response to web inquiries will likely have the biggest impact on your success. Be sure you are taking advantage of industry specific CRM technology so you can immediately alert your staff members in real time via email, text messages, alerts, etc.
  • Skills – Typically, following up on an internet lead requires an outbound phone call to attempt to schedule a consultation appointment. Now listen carefully here… MOST COMPANIES SIMPLY “WING IT” WITH THIS IMPORTANT STEP! Remember your job here is to ‘sell the appointment’ NOT your products and services. BIG difference! Seek out some scripting training for your staff on how to effectively set appointments on the phone. This “skill” will prove invaluable to your success.
  • Persistence – Stats show that it often takes multiple (upwards to 5) attempts to make contact with these leads. The average company only makes 1.5 attempts. Additionally, even if you do make contact, many of these leads don’t convert immediately to appointments or sales. This is where an effective ‘nurture marketing’ program should be implemented to be sure these valuable contacts don’t “fall through the cracks” over time.

Action Plan:

Have a brainstorming meeting with your marketing staff to discuss your strategy on how you can improve the handling of web leads! It HAS to include a commitment to treat your internet leads like GOLD! In today’s business environment, it’s all about sales and marketing EFFICIENCY! The companies that set out to identify and execute many of the ‘little things’ that separate themselves from their competition will be the winners. Be sure you are also leveraging technology solutions (CRM, Lead Nurturing, etc.) to aid in this important task.



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