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Kitchen & Bath Market Opportunity For Remodeling Contractors

We often receive quality tips from our sponsors that we like to share with you. This week’s tip, on custom versus “manufactured” cabinets, comes from Kevin O’Neill of Wellborn Cabinet Inc.

With home values still depressed across the country and historical   appreciation levels projected to be years away, many consumers are  starting to turn to home remodeling to refresh their living spaces.  Many believe that this trend is likely to increase for the foreseeable future.  Additionally, the remodeling consumer surveys over recent years continue to indicate that Kitchen & Bath remodeling is ranked among the top consumer projects – even these challenging economic times.  This is no surprise given that these two room classifications are the most functional, highly utilized rooms in the home, and both are reflective of changing fashion trends, personal tastes and lifestyle influences.

Many remodeling contractors are not yet taking full advantage of this market opportunity and its potential to dramatically change their business.  We all recognize that the complexity of Kitchen & Bath product selection, design and installation requires very specific knowledge and expertise.  Most consumers eventually come to find this expertise through a variety of kitchen & bath dealers, small local “custom” manufacturers and home centers in every market. However, the vast majority of these retail businesses do not offer the complete remodeling solution for their clients.  Every kitchen remodel is more than designing and installing cabinetry.  They are a comprehensive remodeling project requiring electrical, appliance, plumbing, tile & flooring, lighting, countertops and in many cases structural modifications such as opening up or altering the home’s floor plan.  Most Kitchen & Bath dealers and distributors have great marketing, design and product selection/knowledge expertise, but leave consumers to fend for themselves when it comes to engaging contractors to manage the rest.

As you explore ways to develop and grow your business, consider a proactive strategy of focusing your business on Kitchen & Bath remodeling through partnerships with reputable manufacturers or with established, high quality retail dealers and distributors in your local markets.  For help in guiding you in this strategy, let selected cabinet manufactures who equally focus on the kitchen and bath remodeling market such as Wellborn provide you with the assistance you need.  You’ll find that they have very well established and successful programs that can help remodeling contractors in either developing these successful partnerships to pursue new project opportunities, or in building your own in-house, full service Kitchen & Bath business unit.


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