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You vs Old Man Winter. Who Will Win?


Old Man WinterWith the kids back in school, I can’t help but wonder where the dog days of summer went and what does this year’s winter have in store.   Just thinking about it makes me shiver. Recent winters have given us some of the harshest weather we’ve seen in decades.  Everything from massive snow storms to subfreezing temperatures that wreaked havoc on utility bills, as we all struggled to stay warm.  While we may not be able to control the weather and what it may throw our way, you can offer your customers some home improvements that can have a big impact on energy loss, improved comfort and are easy to do.

Did you know that the average US home has ½ mile of gaps and cracks where cold air can sneak in and warm air can escape?    And, while homeowners are shelling out their hard earned cash to keep their families warm, 25-40% of the money they are spending on heating and cooling their homes is lost through air leakage.1

The statistics are staggering, leaving homeowners wondering what they can do.

Preparing for the outdoors is easy.

It’s just a quick trip to the mall to load up on boots, coats, hats, gloves and scarves.  But what can they do inside the house?  Well, the easiest things to do are to put on an extra sweater or blanket or even light a fire in the fireplace.  Capitalize on this opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors by insulating and air sealing their homes to help lower energy bills and make them more comfortable.

Need more convincing?

Check out the results of a coordinated effort between The Dow Chemical Company and local contractors.  This beautifully remodeled home features many energy-saving products and solutions, both inside and out. With no other structural or mechanical improvements, such as window replacement or HVAC upgrades, the Revitalize Home delivered impressive results:

  • 35% improvement on energy efficiency score (HERs rating)
  • 30% savings on monthly energy costs
  • 33% reduction in CO2 emissions per year, significantly lowering the environmental footprint
  • Lowered air exchange rate by 2,011 cfm50 to 811 cfm50

Let’s face it we all work too hard to simply throw our money out the window.  Help keep your customers warm and comfy this winter while helping to lower their energy bills. They’ll be happy you did and so will you.



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