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Are You Overlooking the Goldmine in Your Back Yard?

Are You Overlooking the Goldmine in Your Back Yard?

Reports from the many remodelers with whom we speak are mixed — some are building strong backlogs and receiving calls for larger projects. This means increased revenue year-over-year and the opportunity to begin hiring again, taking some of the load off of the reduced staff. Whew!

Others are still reporting a lack of work, open schedules, and dwindling leads. When I talk to these owners, our conversation frequently centers around marketing and one common failing in their marketing programs is the fact that they are ignoring their sometimes extensive list of previous clients.

Today, more than ever, your previous clients are a lifeline to additional work. If you have holes in your pipeline, then pick up the phone and start calling these friends of the company. Let them know that you have an opening in your schedule, that you are offering this first to those who have helped make your company successful. What projects are on their dream list for the coming months? If they’re not planning to remodel this year, ask if they have a friend, neighbor, or co-worker who is looking for a reputable remodeling company. Promise to provide the same high quality customer service that this happy customer received.

Second, if you are not doing so yet, start collecting client’s email addresses. Email is a very affordable and effective form of marketing.

Here’s one way to gather emails: First, send a hard copy letter to each client with an upbeat update on the company’s latest projects, new hires, schedule openings, etc. As a P.S. (one of the most read sections of any sales letter), promote a contest in which you invite clients to subscribe to your company’s newsletter, an action that will also enter them in a contest to win a dinner for two at a local restaurant. They can subscribe simply by sending you an email with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Don’t wait until you have hundreds. Start reaching out to your clients with an email within weeks. This “newsletter” can be created in-house or by a service like The Remodelers Newsletter. It can be a simple email letter from you mentioning an article in which you thought they would be interested, along with a link to read the entire article.

This is only one part of a full marketing plan — but an essential one! This gold mine can be producing business for many years to come. But only if you get out there and work it!



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