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Remodelers Advantage Unveils Partnership with Zephyr Connects

Baltimore, MD – Remodelers Advantage announced today that all Roundtables members will have access to Zephyr Connects, which matches great employees with great employers. Many business owners are struggling to hire and retain employees. This process can be lengthy and overwhelming, especially while simultaneously running a  business. The typical recruiting process takes 50-80 hours of a person’s time to recruit for one position. This is where Zephyr can help your business! They offer a hiring solution that is curated for your unique business. Zephyr exclusively recruits for small businesses and will only present potential employees they know will work well with your team. With a team of dedicated, experienced, and highly skilled recruiting professionals, Zephyr acts as your recruiting department and will save you countless hours dealing with the recruiting and hiring process.

Zephyr also handles all the expenses of the recruiters, and with premium relationships with job board vendors, they make sure the job posting is visible. Not only does Zephyr offer all these benefits and more, but they are also just half the price of a typical recruiter. Hiring the wrong employee can cost your business, so turn to Zephyr for all your hiring needs!

Roundtables is a world-class peer advisory program that brings together smart, motivated remodeling professionals like you to help one another grow. As a Roundtables member, you have access to exclusive pricing for Zephyr. This flat fee includes all the aforementioned benefits and more. For more information about the Zephyr partnership or to sign up, visit today. If you are not yet a Roundtables member and want to learn more about the program, visit today.



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