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Who’s Talking About You?

Who’s Talking About You?

Novelist Oscar Wilde once said, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

I’m here at a meeting of our Roundtables™ groups and am surrounded by remodeling company owners from across the United States and Canada. We’re here to share ideas, expertise and experiences with one another with the goal of helping one another reach greater levels of success.

We kicked off this three day meeting with a presentation by Brian Bunt, an expert on Word of Mouth Marketing. Brian really got us thinking as he told us story upon story of how small business owners doubled, tripled, or quadrupled the results from their word of mouth marketing activities.

Here are some tips:

First, be interesting. This is the best way to get people talking about you.

Second, identify a group of people who are your “Talkers.” These are the people that you really want to be talking about you and your company. This can be any group of people who have connections to those who are true prospects of the company. There are many “talkers” for remodelers: realtors, interior designers, trade contractors, architects.

But just for fun, let’s look outside of the box a bit and choose hairdressers as our talkers. Think about it—this is an ideal audience for our marketing efforts because they see so many people! Choose hair shops that serve people in your company’s prime customer demographic and you’ve got a fabulous group of people who, if they talked about you and your company, could send some top quality prospects your way.

Now that you’ve identified your talkers, how are you going to get them talking about you? Let’s get creative. What if you held an open house at your office or at one of your projects exclusively for this group? You could serve wine and cheese and incorporate some fun and whimsy. For example, have a variety of nifty door prizes for the group — four hours of handyman service, a gift certificate for a garden shop, dinner at a local restaurant.

Give out company hats and t-shirts as part of the package. Take photos of the winners and post to your facebook page and include in your company newsletter. List the representatives of the various shops who attended in your newsletter as well, then send them away with a goodie back of business cards, brochures and a cute brochure stand for the shop. Lastly, formally request referrals, letting these influential people know about your referral program . . . or create a new one just for them.

Do you think this sort of attention would start your “talkers” talking? I do! Now, how can you take this approach with other groups? Start brainstorming right now and then take action. In the meantime, visit Brian Bunt and learn more about WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) at And thanks, Brian, for getting our brains churning.

This is just one sample of the great programming that is part of membership in Remodelers Advantage Roundtables™ – the peer group for remodeling company owners who are building strong, consistently profitable businesses. If you’re tired of working in chaos, want to earn more so that you can support your family better, are frustrated by your efforts to grow, or want the accountability and challenge that a group of savvy peers can provide, call us today at 301-490-5620 x106 or visit and we’ll reach out to you.



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