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4 Ways Your Company Culture Will Help You “Hook” New Employees

4 Ways Your Company Culture Will Help You “Hook” New Employees

As we prepare to meet at the Annual Remodelers Summit in September, we are focusing our presentations, content, and discussions on business growth — and what it takes to take your business to the next level.

In today’s tough labor market that discussion undoubtedly turns to finding and keeping good employees. I found this article on Inc. and I think it hits on some great points on leading with your company’s culture.

Great, because if a prospective employee isn’t attracted to your company and looking to jump on board based on your culture, they’re likely not a great fit anyway. By leading with your company’s culture and personality, you make more of an impact on prospective team members than competitors who use more traditional means.

These four strategies include:

1. Highlighting Employee Stories

Think of this as an internal testimonial. You can talk all day long about how great your company is, but what prospects really want to know is, “what’s it like to work here?” No better way than to let your team share their thoughts and experiences.

The Inc. article describes a Culture Book, but the same can be achieved by dedicating a few pages of your website or blog to the effort with videos, photos of company events, team member profiles, or community involvement.

The easiest way to build this into your recruitment/interviewing process is to include team members who are willing to meet with prospects to tell them their story, answer questions, etc.

2. Change the Setting

Interviewing and meeting prospective team members is a less formal setting allows you to get a better read on how a prospect handles different social situations, and it allows the prospect to get a better view into your team’s personality and culture. Grab coffee, invite them to an after-work social hour, or perhaps include them in a community-based event.

3. No Pop Quizzes

We are HUGE believers in personality/performance analysis and testing (DISC) however use them as a qualification tool prior to meeting versus interrupting the interview and consideration process for either your company or the prospect.

4. Show Them That You “Walk the Talk”

As you describe or show prospects your culture and brand personality, show them how you implement it, or perhaps your team members can build it into their respective stories. For example, if you have an employee recognition program, SHOW it.. Dedicated parking? Wall of fame? Images from an incentive trip? Show them first-hand how it is used.

Recruiting and finding the RIGHT hires can be as challenging as finding new clients, maybe even harder. Put your marketing and sales hat on and build a recruiting/hiring process that separates your company from the rest.

Team building and Company Growth are the main themes of both the Annual Remodelers Summit and the 2019 Production Conference, immediately following the Summit on Thursday, September 26. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry.



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