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5 Ways to Reduce Slippage [Infographic / Poster]

As we bring Slippage Awareness Month to a close we look back on some solid information provided by our team here at Remodelers Advantage. Tim Faller led us off with a blog post on The Team Approach to Preventing Slippage and an in-depth webinar, “From Slippage to Grippage: How to Raise Profits Without Raising Prices”. We added some thoughts on how to assemble your slippage reduction team and Steve Wheeler brought us his thoughts on how to avoid slippage from a sales perspective. Last week we launched re-runs of our PowerTipsTV series and brought you an episode dedicated to “How to Stop Losing Money on Change Orders

To wrap things up this week we wanted to present an Infographic that provides additional thoughts on ways your company can reduce and eliminate project slippage on your road to greater profitability. If you would like to print this information out and share it with your team, here is a link to a PDF that can be printed out on 8.5” x 14” paper on your office color copier.



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