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Giving Back: How Does Charitable Giving Affect Your Business?

Giving Back: How Does Charitable Giving Affect Your Business?

We had a great dinner conversation with a remodeling business owner here in town for our annual Master Your Remodeling Business Workshop. He asked, “What types of charitable giving programs do your members typically take part in?” “How do they give back?”

Our answer was very non-specific because, to be honest, we haven’t gathered this type of information about our members. We know anecdotally that many of our members are very involved in many different charitable activities. From faith-based organizations to community and industry-related involvement, our members are extremely involved.

But how has it affected their business? Is it simply altruistic or is it in bad taste or inappropriate to expect a return on the investment in time and money? Is that a factor in the decision to get involved or give back?

We would love to hear back from our members and subscribers; What types of charitable giving organizations are you involved or partnered with? How has it affected your business? Have you seen a positive impact? Please comment and share below.

If your remodeling business is not involved in a charitable giving program or you have yet to find a way to give back.. pay attention to the feedback and ideas on this post and I also found a great article on the matter in Entrepreneur about “4 Ways Your Company Benefits From Giving Back.” In the article, John Boitnot provides 4 strong reasons why…

  • Building respect and a good reputation in the community.
  • Making your community a better place to live.
  • Employees respect leaders who do good.
  • Connections and networking.

Pay it Forward

So let’s hear it! Perhaps by sharing how your company gives back, your comment will help other business owners follow and find ways to improve their own communities.



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