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Laurel, Md., July 15, 2011—Whether you’re a remodeler who’s worked in the industry for 20 years or more or you’ve got a fledgling remodeling company, you’ll learn how to energize your business and much more at the Master Your Remodeling Business workshop.

This fall, Remodelers Advantage is bringing its popular, hands-on workshop to the Bay Area to make it easier for West Coast remodelers to attend. The two-day workshop takes place in San Francisco November 17 and 18 and features proven strategies for improving profit and performance.

You’ll learn from the best minds in the remodeling industry as Remodelers Advantage president Victoria Downing, Remodelers Advantage facilitators and coaches Paul Winans and Judith Miller, and production expert Tim Faller present interactive sessions on the following topics:

Successful strategies for conquering the everyday battles of running your business.
The business practices that deliver the most bang for your efforts.
How to uncover the information you need to make the best business decisions every time.
Which financial reports are most important and how to read them quickly and accurately.
What’s behind different personalities and how you can work successfully with anyone.

The steps behind building an effective annual budget—your first step to becoming profitable.
Teambuilding techniques that can help you develop a responsible group of employees who think and act like owners.
The secret to understanding job costs, allowing you to take actions to bring every job in on target.
A proprietary, seven-step system for profitability created during 30 years of immersion in the remodeling industry.

Does this stuff really work? You bet it does. Here’s what a remodeler said after attending a recent Master Your Remodeling Business workshop in Baltimore: “The last four years for our company have been first a freefall, then survival mode, then a regrouping. It hasn’t been all that pleasant or enjoyable. The workshop this week was a very positive and forward-looking experience. I don’t usually even work Fridays, and here I am in the office on Saturday morning. For the first time in a long time I am excited about the business again.”

If you’re a residential remodeling business owner who is motivated and ready to change and you’re eager to escape from your office for a few days to work ON your business instead of IN your business, the Master Your Remodeling Business workshop is for you. Visit for registration details.

Remodelers Advantage is a 30-year-old consulting firm dedicated to helping remodelers improve their businesses, boost their profits, and enjoy the benefits of working smarter and more efficiently. In addition to business coaching and profiling services, networking opportunities, and a full compliment of books, CDs, and other business management resources, the firm offers an ever-expanding series of continuing education programs, including conferences, workshops, and seminars.

To learn the benefits of becoming a Remodelers Advantage member, visit or contact Victoria Downing at 301-490-5620, ext. 105.



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