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Put Pricing on Your Remodeling Website for Better Leads

Put Pricing on Your Remodeling Website for Better Leads

I tell any remodeling business owner to put pricing on their website, either directly or through a lead capture — a user entering their email address to access the information. More often than not, I get a shocked response, followed by one of these types of objections:

  • I can’t just put my pricing out there because then my competitors can see it and undercut me!
  • What if people can’t afford my services or don’t want to pay it when they see the price before even talking to me?”
  • I have to know more about their project because my pricing depends on what they want.

None of these objections matter to your prospects. At the end of the day, they just want to find out if they’re financially qualified to hire you.

Why you should put pricing on your website:

  1. The internet has given buyers power, and 60 percent of them want to know about cost right off the bat.
  2. Your competitors are scared to show pricing, too, so get ahead of them.
  3. The ranking potential for content surrounding cost is buried treasure.
  4. You’ll increase traffic on your other pages too and built momentum for your entire site.
  5. If someone can’t afford you, they won’t call — you’ll save time to devote to others. 

Being completely transparent about your project pricing ranges is difficult but worth it. Providing prospects with the information they’re looking for, like cost, can grow your business.

Answering Common Objections

“If I put my pricing on my site, my competitors can go look at it and undercut me.” This is true to some degree. Your competitors will do some competitive research, especially when expanding their service area or offering new remodeling services. But your primary focus: is providing value through your services. Competing on price alone is a hard game, but adding value to homeowners comes in a variety of ways.

You have two types of competitors: those who disclose pricing and those who don’t. Ninety percent of searchers haven’t made up their minds about a brand before starting their search, so you have ample opportunity to capture and nurture leads by providing them with answers to their top-of-mind questions.

Sixty-two percent of those searching consult a search engine for more information, while 29 percent want to talk to a salesperson. Businesses that are transparent about their pricing on their website are keeping leads in the funnel because they can complete more of their research and request a personalized estimate based on the pricing figures without having to talk to anyone first. If you get ahead of your competitors by talking about your costs first, you have the opportunity to increase the number of leads you generate — you’re the one providing prospects the answers to the questions they are researching online.

“What if they don’t want to talk to me after seeing how much it will cost?” Talking about cost is a qualifying tool, as at least half of those prospects are not truly qualified leads and 50 percent of those deals are lost because of budget. Your sales team should re-evaluate their expectations and sales goals to align with the reality that not every prospect will choose you. The sooner prospects know the information that matters most (which is most often price), the sooner they can dialogue with companies who fit their budget.

“I have to know more about their project because my pricing depends on what they want.” True, and that provides a value to remodeling prospects. Your services are tailored to their needs. You can provide them added value by giving them an idea of what their dream kitchen or bathroom remodel might cost. There are several ways you could do this:

  1. Provide price ranges: When you talk to a homeowner in person and they ask about costs, you likely give them a range. Simply do the same thing on your website or downloadable cost guide. For example, “You can expect a powder room renovation to cost between $7,000 and $15,000.”
  2. Share specific examples: Prepare “case studies” of some of your best projects outlining what all you did and how much it cost. For example, “This gutted kitchen remodel with new layout planning and top grade finishes cost the homeowner $76,500.”
  3. Create a Remodeling Cost Calculator: Something as simple as a cell value dependent spreadsheet will work to provide prospects with content to engage with and answers to their top-of-mind questions. Plus, you are capturing more organic searchers from high value cost calculator search queries. 

Who’s Searching and How Often?

VERY often. And if you write quality content on the topic of cost before your competitors do, you can outrank them in the top search results.

Further, adding location-based keyword targeting to your content strategy will help your site rank even higher for search queries by users in your specific area. For example, “Kitchen Remodel Colorado Springs” has an average of 300 monthly searches and is very easy to rank for based on the current content landscape.

The Snowball Effect of Website Traffic

I’ve noticed a trend among businesses that talk about cost on their website: the traffic gains are not isolated. Their cost page gain traffic, and the other pages on their site gather additional traffic. 

This is primarily because Google likes to send traffic to websites that people like to be on. The more times your website is landed on and the more pages a user visits in their sessions there, the more Google will want to send traffic to your site, therefore increasing your organic ranking potential. 

The “more, more, and more” continues to snowball as you optimize your website pages and publish new content, thereby building constant momentum month after month.

You can learn more about how one remodeling company boosted their revenue by putting costs on their website here:


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