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4 Reasons Why Instagram is a Powerful Marketing Tool for Remodelers

4 Reasons Why Instagram is a Powerful Marketing Tool for Remodelers

You’ve discovered Instagram among the barrage of evolving and emerging social media platforms. FINALLY – a platform that you understand. Pictures, a caption, and maybe even a few related hashtags. Easy!

Instagram’s simplicity is part of what draws users to it. It’s minimalist and streamlined – and it’s in everyone’s pocket. And whether you’re willing to admit it or not, that’s a good place to be in the 21st century.

As simplified as Instagram may seem compared to other social media platforms, it still has a few tricks up its sleeves. Here are a few of our recommended tactics to maximize Instagram as a social media marketing, selling, and recruiting tool.

1. Brand Awareness and Consideration

Imagine your Sales Funnel.

At the top, users are mostly still becoming acquainted with your brand. They’re learning about your remodeling service offerings, discovering helpful resources you have, and comparing you to other remodeling companies in the area.

Here is where Instagram can come into play as a major factor for remodelers. Not only does it showcase that you are a modern company keeping up with trends, but it also showcases that you take pride in your completed projects.

When considering a remodeling company, homeowners want the assurance that their home remodeling project will be “Instagram-worthy” as well.

Sharing pictures on Instagram of your completed projects, your team on the jobsite, happy clients loving their new spaces, and any other imagery that boosts your brand will set you apart. Instagram shines for remodeling companies in the consideration phase.


2. Hiring and Recruiting for Your Brand

Are you hiring?

Instagram is a remarkable recruiting tool for remodelers. Like showcasing your brand to homeowners in the consideration phase, Instagram is perfect for showcasing how great it is to work at your remodeling company! From smiling selfies to stunning projects, your Instagram can show off your craftsmanship, expertise, and awesome team.

If you’re actively seeking job applications, you could even include your “Contact Us” page as the link in your profile. You could post an image encouraging curious individuals to send you a Direct Message and hear from people directly through Instagram as well.


3. Storytelling with Video, Imagery, and Stories

Instagram is constantly updating its platform to optimize its ability to tell stories.

Now, rather than only posting single images, you can upload multiple images and videos to your Instagram. This allows you to post mini albums of completed remodeling projects by room, provide a walk through with one of your teammates, or even a quick video kicking off a social media promotion or competition.
The options are nearly limitless.

Instagram now also offers an element of its profile that is similar to Snapchat. You can take pictures on the spot, add text or other fun effects, and add them to your story very quickly and easily. This aims to add ongoing stories and daily updates, for example, which may not be finished products that you want loaded on your permanent Instagram profile. These images or videos only last for 24 hours before they disappear.

Another benefit of the time constraint is that it urges your followers to check in on you daily so they don’t miss an update, keeping you top of mind if you participate in this Stories option.

Storytelling is still an important aspect of Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. People feel connected with stories they can relate to, aspire to, and appreciate.


4. Communication and Direct Messaging with Instagram

Instagram now offers direct messaging through its platform.

Previously, users would have to leave comments on images to contact a brand or company. Now, if a user browsing your gallery of beautiful remodeling pictures is interested, they can send you a message immediately through their Instagram profile.

With one less hurdle to keep in contact with users and brands, Instagram improved its user experience both for browsers and brands.

The only down side to direct messaging? Instagram has become yet another platform that you have to check constantly to make sure you’re not letting any leads slip between the cracks!

Instagram Marketing for those New to the Platform

If you’re new to Instagram and aren’t sure how to set up your profile, do hashtag research, and other optimization basics, check out this helpful video we put together.

What are your initial thoughts on Instagram for your business?



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