[Infographic] 7 Rules for Business Growth

A recent article I saw in the Money section of USA Today really hit on a few different aspects of growing your business.. but seemed to resonate with tips and advice I’ve heard at our Roundtables Meetings over the past several years.

Here is an Infographic (PDF) to help break them down:

  1. Know what business you’re in
    Knowing your strategic position and monitoring how your core competencies meet the demand of your clients and line up against your closest competitors is imperative for growth.
  2. Take care of your bread-and-butter business first
    Expanding the breadth of services, especially in a booming market, is fine. However, as you add more services, keep an eye on what you do best and what brings in the most profit.
  3. Don’t bet all your money on one horse
    Sticking with one vendor, one lead generation method, one subcontractor, etc. can be perilous to your business should they disappear or shift their business focus, for example.
  4. Be clear about your target market
    Getting a clear understanding of exactly who and where your target market is drives greater efficiency across your business and leads to growth.
  5. Identify exit scenarios
    Knowing what your end-goals and options are will help you grow your business in the right direction. Start building the policies, procedures and plans for continued growth for the next generation or potential buyer.
  6. Build one business at a time
    Focus on making your business, your product or your service the best it can be and then, and only then, explore other opportunities.
  7. Choose a strategy you can afford
    Getting over-extended can limit growth and lead to disaster; Know your limits, construct your plan strategically and build your operating and marketing budgets appropriately.



Did we miss any? Are there other tips you can provide that helped build your business? We would love to hear some in our comments section below.


[Infographic] Top 8 Reasons Why WordPress is Perfect For Remodeling Websites

Whether you are looking to re-build your website in 2018, or perhaps you are building a site for the first time, it’s imperative to find a Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you and your staff to make changes to your website quickly and easily.

We have many members who have built their remodeling company websites on WordPress, but also hear from many who have not and they are struggling with making changes to their websites, keeping them fresh or can’t figure out why their search engine results have declined over the past few years.

If that sounds familiar and you are looking to make a change next year, take a look at the infographic below as you consider which CMS to use or build your website on. Beyond making changes to your website easily, here are 8 reasons why we recommend using WordPress (Click Image Below for PDF):

Did we miss any? Would love to hear from some WordPress users out there with any other reasons they decided to use it and if there are any other benefits. Leave your comments below.

4 Things You Must Do After Attending an Industry Conference

As we recover and catch-up from Remodeling Excellence Week in Minneapolis we take a closer look at how to handle and digest the great information you gathered as well as how to capture and reach out to your new-found business leads and contacts.

We found a great article from Robert Half International Inc. that gives sound advice on post-conference activities and how best to process this new information before you dive back in to your day-to-day routine, and turned it into an infographic that you can share with your team (PDF).