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How to Drive Profits Up and Chaos Down

How to Drive Profits Up and Chaos Down

On this week’s episode of PTTV we discuss the one tool that all successful remodeling companies use to drive profits up and chaos down. It’s the single most important tool available for you to 1) establish the goals you must set for success and 2) determine what you must do to achieve them. Though this is a simple concept, it’s shocking how many remodelers don’t use an annual budget to layout their plan for profit.

See the most common types of budgets used and learn how they help you run a more profitable and less stressful remodeling business.

Members! Here’s a link to the Budget Development Tool Victoria references in the video. Use it to develop a series of three budgets representing good, better and best. Included in this workbook are samples of a well-constructed Balance Sheet and a Profit & Loss Statement for you to compare your reports to.

What about you?

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