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How to Find Superstar Employees

There’s a lot more to hiring than just sticking an ad on Craigslist. Successful hiring is a three-phase process that includes finding, hiring and keeping superstar employees.

So, how solid is your current hiring process? In today’s episode of PowerTips TV I’ll give you tips to successfully accomplish the first phase: finding superstars.

Included in this episode:
  • Where to look for candidates
  • How to filter the applications
  • Where to announce your opening
  • and more!

Let’s build a team of superstars that will help lead your company to the next level!

Looking for more help?

Hiring assistance is here! Check out these great tools we offer:

Candidate Matching Service: Take the guesswork out of the screening and hiring process by using the most advanced, candidate pre-screening solution in the marketplace.

Personality Assessments: Remodelers Advantage is a certified distributor of an array of personality assessments developed by TTI Performance Systems.

How about you?

I really want to know what you’ve done to find the diamond in the rough! Please share your hiring success stories in the comments below!


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