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How to Stop Wasting Time on Bad Leads

How to Stop Wasting Time on Bad Leads

Do you know how to identify a bad lead? If not then you are losing time. And time is your most precious commodity. I’ve already addressed the problem with “wearing too many hats” in a previous episode. There I discussed how critical it is for you to focus primarily on sales and marketing.

However, that doesn’t mean follow every lead you get. You must still effectively manage your time by doing the right things to move your company forward. And going on these no-hope appointments not only take your focus away from more qualified prospects; they also destroy moral because “you’ve lost another one.”

On this week’s episode I’ll show you how to separate the good from the bad by pre-qualifying the prospect at the very first contact.

How about you?

Do you have any great pre-qualification techniques that I forgot to mention? What has helped you identify the good, the bad and the ugly? Let me know in the comments below!

Free Download: Prospect Initial Call Questionnaire

Free Download Client Questionaire

Victoria recommended that you have a checklist to go through when pre-qualifying leads. More importantly she wanted to give you one that’s ready to use! So here’s the “special document” that Victoria mentions in the video. Enjoy!



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