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Repetition: the Mother of Branding

Repetition: the Mother of Branding

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There are many factors to consider when deciding how to allocate your marketing budget. What is my goal with this campaign? Which channels should I use? What is it going to cost? What is the expected return on that investment . . . the list goes on.

One important metric that often enters these discussions (especially when it comes to branding) is the cost per impression. That’s because the most important thing about Branding is repetition. You want to get your brand in front of as many people as possible, as many times as you can.

In this week’s episode, I’ll discuss the impact of repetition marketing and one of the lowest cost ways to pull it off.

What about you?

Please share what has been working for you and what hasn’t done so well.  I love hearing from R.A. Nation!!

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