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Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Budget?

Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Budget?

Do you struggle with how to spend your marketing budget? Want to know cost effective ways to generate the best leads? In this week’s episode of PowerTips TV [7:11] I’ll give you the top 5 things you should be doing with your marketing dollar.

Learn about creating a fantastic customer experience, how to stay in front of your circle of influence, strategies for getting referrals, jobsite marketing strategies, and the keys to a great website.

This episode was inspired by comments we received from our Master Your Remodeling Business Workshop last month. The most common “burning issue” question we were asked was how to cost-effectively generate leads. Want to attend our next workshop? Click here to learn more.

It’s the Best Jobsite Sign Photo Contest!

Remodeler's LibraryThink your jobsite sign rocks? Ready to put it to the test? You could win the Remodeler’s Library ($92 value).

This 4-Volume set of books includes:

  • Master the Business of Remodeling;
  • The Remodeler’s Guide to Making and Managing Money;
  • The Remodeler’s Marketing PowerPak;
  • 101 PowerTips: Great Business Ideas from America’s Top Remodelers.

Sorry. The contest is over. Click here to see the winner!



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