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Building a Training Center with Ed Hoksbergen – [The Tim Faller Show] Ep.168

Building a Training Center with Ed Hoksbergen – [The Tim Faller Show] Ep.168

As many of you may know, Host Tim Faller facilitates groups that are made up of Production Managers from highly functioning remodelers all over the states.  One of the hot topics in these groups is the need for skills training and development.  Some are developing set ups within their own company with both in person and virtual training classes, and others are working with trade schools.  

There are many ways to approach gaining that training and development, but the biggest challenge is often just recognizing and deciding that this is a need for your team.  Listen to this episode to hear from guest Ed Hoksbergen, who joined forces with a local trade association to create a center where this development could occur. 

Ed is the Production Manager at Encore Homes in Middleton, WI.  He splits his time between the office and the field, coordinating with superintendents, realtors, subcontractors, and homeowners throughout the entire construction process.  He is also a chairperson for the skilled trades committee, a group looking for ways to promote the trades to youth.

Tim, Steve and Ed talk more about:

  • The origins of the idea for a training center
  • What makes the training center successful
  • Finding jobs for the graduates
  • And more…

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