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The mission of our consulting team is to join you on your path to success; providing the coaching, resources, and assistance you need to develop and implement strategies that will get you to the next level.

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What We Do

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is beneficial to any company, but it is essential for a growing organization, particularly one with multiple owners, shareholders or stakeholders.

Cash Flow Management

Incorporate existing reports and information into one tool. The weekly meetings focus around the steps necessary to stabilize and improve your cash flow and increase profitability.

The Hiring Edge

The Hiring Edge Program helps you hire key team members more effectively using a unique combination of TriMetrix DNA Assessment Tools and experienced business coaching.

Transition Planning

How will you transition your business? Will you sell it? Are you planning to turn it over to the next generation in your family? Or do you have another successor?

Production Improvements

Improvements to your company’s production department can save you thousands toward your bottom line and in turn, help take your business to the next level.

Lean Remodeling

Process improvement designed to simultaneously improve customer service, enhance employee morale & increase profitability with little or no capital.

None of the Above

Have something else in mind? Not sure exactly what you need help with? Contact us for a free 15-minute chat to see how we can help.

"Doctors, dentists, lawyers all go to school to learn their craft. There's no such thing in our world. I know how to build a house, but how do I run a business? There is no real school for remodeling. Remodelers Advantage fills that void. They have so many excellent consultants, and their Roundtables empower us to learn from each other."
John Johnson
Creative Spaces Remodeling

We're Here to Help

A member of our consulting team will reach out to assess your situation and provide feedback on the best next steps.

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