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Rebuilding the Pre-Construction Process with Dan Zimmerman and Dan Purnell – [The Tim Faller Show] S5 E5

One of the most challenging parts of construction is getting the preconstruction part of the job right. Today, on the Tim Faller Show, Dan Purnell and Dan Zimmerman join the show to talk about how they rebuilt this process at Alloy Workshop. Dan and Dan go through some of the red flags they saw before redoing the preconstruction process and how the change has helped the company.

Dan Zimmerman co-founded Alloy Architecture & Construction, located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Along with his business partner, Zach Snider, he has been at Alloy throughout all the growing (and shrinking) pains. At Alloy, they’re 100% committed to completing 90% of selections before a signed contract.

Dan Purnell is the Director of Production at Alloy Workshop. As Director of Production, the company has seen a turnaround. They had previously seen project duration slippage and GM slippage on all of our projects. They’ve focused on creating a comprehensive pre-production process so all selections, purchasing, etc., are complete before mobilization. This has shown much better performance regarding schedule and GM% slippage.

Tim, Dan, Dan, and Steve talk more about:

  • Step by Step on how Alloy rebuilt the preconstruction process
  • Results from the change
  • And more…


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