3 Critical Stats from the 2020 State of Remodeler Marketing Report

Every year, my company Builder Funnel surveys remodelers from all over the United States and Canada to uncover the biggest challenges, obstacles and goals for the upcoming year.

This year, we partnered with Remodeler’s Advantage to promote the survey and put together the report. You can download the full report here.

That being said, I wanted to highlight 3 critical stats that stood out to me so that you can make 2021 a killer year for your remodeling business.


40% of Remodelers Do NOT Feel Their Marketing Strategy is Effective

Yikes. Almost half of remodelers don’t think their marketing is working. That’s pretty scary. I was being interviewed today, and a question came up that I think provides some context as to why this is.

Most remodelers aren’t consistent with their marketing efforts. They blog 4 times and then stop…and then suddenly 3 years go by and when a prospect visits the site, they see the last post is from 2017. Not a good look.

Or maybe they decide to advertise in a local magazine. So they place 1 ad and nothing happens…so they stop.

Marketing requires an element of consistency for it to actually take hold and start to produce. Most remodelers just don’t stick with the strategy long enough.

This also leads to another reason why…


54% of Remodelers Do Not Calculate ROI or Don’t Know How

If you aren’t able to calculate the ROI on your marketing, you probably don’t think any of your marketing is effective.

I see this a lot.

Remodeler: “I’ve been doing Google Ads for a while now, but it’s not really working.”

Me: “Oh, really? Why not?”

Remodeler: “I’m just not getting enough leads, and the leads that do come in aren’t high quality.”

Me: “Interesting. How many leads did you get last month and how much did you spend?”

Remodeler: “I’m not exactly sure how many leads I got, but we’re spending $500/month on Google Ads.”

Me: “Okay, if you don’t know how many leads you got, do you know if you’ve closed any projects?”

Remodeler: “I’m not really sure.”

This is a very common exchange that takes place on my calls with remodelers. If you don’t know how many leads and customers you’re getting from a certain channel, you can’t possibly know if it’s working or not.

Today’s modern remodelers are putting in the tracking software and tools to be able to measure their marketing so that they can improve over time. It allows you to kill off any bad marketing channels and double down on channels that are effective.

The key takeaway from this stat is to make sure you put some marketing analytics and tracking tools in place heading into 2021.


41% of Remodelers are STILL not Blogging

Blogging has proven itself as one of the most powerful content marketing tools for attracting your ideal prospects through Google search.

If you’re not blogging or not blogging consistently, make the commitment to making 2021 the year you stick to it.

Blogging allows you to answer prospect questions they are typing into Google.

  • How much does a kitchen remodel cost in Atlanta?
  • How long does it take to add an addition in Seattle?
  • What are the current kitchen design trends in Austin?

The list of topics and questions goes on and on. By writing really great, informative blog posts on these topics, you’ll not only start to attract your idea prospects, but you’ll start building trust and credibility before the sales call because you’re becoming their trusted advisor by educating them about the process and how everything works and what to expect.

The other fantastic thing about blogging is that it acts more like an investment than an expense. Our company has been blogging for a decade, and we get traffic to our website each and every month to blog posts we wrote years ago. Those posts get indexed in Google and continue to pay dividends each and every month.


Wrapping Up

Each year, we uncover some really interesting insights through the report, and this blog just scratched the surface. Download the full report so that you’re primed and ready for 2021.

[PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.128: Demography is Destiny with Kenneth Gronbach

As a remodeling business owner, you have likely heard of demographics and you have probably looked at it solely in the context of marketing and lead generation.

But, the power of demographics lies much deeper than that, and in this episode, Ken Gronbach will share the subtle yet profound effect of shifting demography in the United States, the Americas and the world, and we will hear what that means to your business now and in the future.

Ken is President/CEO of KGC Direct and is an internationally respected demographer who has been able to forecast societal, commercial, economic, cultural and political phenomena with uncanny accuracy.

Victoria, Mark and Ken talk more about:

  • Ken’s transition from Marketing into Demography
  • The relationship between markets and demographic data
  • The effect Covid-19 will have on the demographic landscape in the United States
  • The generations in the US that will be the most influential in the next 20 years
  • The categories/sectors of commerce that will suffer and which will flourish demographically going forward

Click here to listen to this episode

Ep.122: Selling Virtually in Today’s Market with Matthew Daniels

Remodeling companies and builders are now selling virtually, saving time and labor. Business owners and sales teams are finding new and unique ways to reach their audiences and secure contracts for projects and we’ve heard from some R/A Roundtables members that are now booking projects into 2022.

Our guest today has taken it a step further and we wanted to explore how far technology can take us. Imagine being able to sell remodeling projects through the web without even leaving your office or perhaps your kitchen. Matthew Daniels and his team at Roofle are doing just that.

Matthew is the Chief Marketing Officer at Roofle, a revolutionary platform making it as simple as possible for homeowners to replace their roof through an online questionnaire, catalog and resulting match-making system.

Tim, Steve and Matthew talk more about:

  • Background and overview of the Roofle online platform.
  • The process Roofle uses to sell contracts and provide service.
  • The unique selling point for the public… why buy online?
  • How a remodeler or builder might utilize the same type of experience
  • And More…

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Ep.125: Building Meaningful Customer Personas with Aimee Pagano

The concept behind developing a customer persona is pretty simple – get to know your audience better so that you can build a more meaningful relationship with them, both as a client and a prospect.

The output of that analysis is inevitable company growth and client retention. So how do firms, of all sizes, build meaningful personas to shape the way they go to market?

In this episode, Aimee Pagano talks with Victoria and Mark about the process of building these vital tools and what a remodeling firm can do with them.

Aimee is the Senior Digital Advisor at HighRoad Solutions, a smartech data integration company for associations. She has 20 years of marketing and communications experience and her specialties include persona development, content strategy and generation, lead gen, and website development / optimization.

Victoria, Mark and Aimee talk more about:

  • What a customer persona is and how remodeling firms would use it.
  • What the building blocks are for customer persona development.
  • Working without data.
  • What you do with the customer personas once you’ve developed them.
  • Who should be involved when going through a customer persona exercise.
  • And more…

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Have You Adapted Your Marketing Yet? Part II

The Remodeling Industry Was Behind…but Catching Up Now (continued from part I) Being involved in the digital marketing industry as well as the technology industry, we’ve been implementing several things for years that would have helped a lot of remodelers when the pandemic hit. That being said, this kicked the industry forward in a good way. What were those things? Virtual Events Many remodeling companies attend home shows, participate in Remodeled Home Tours, seminars, and similar events.  These are fantastic events, but with the landscape changing, the door is opened for more virtual events. These can be webinars instead of seminars, virtual walk-throughs instead of in-person and other creative events and video ideas. Virtual events are not “new”, but they are more “new” to this industry, so remodelers that are more tech savvy or jumped quickly to converting their physical events to digital events started seeing quick results. The end homeowner is primed and ready to join these events.  They are extremely comfortable with Zoom and video conferencing now, and they enjoy the convenience aspect as well. Action Steps:
  • Host your first webinar even if no one shows up:
    • Create a presentation deck on a high value topic to your audience
    • Practice your presentation
    • Put up a registration page for the webinar and promote it
    • Record the webinar so you can use it as an evergreen lead conversion funnel forever
Video Marketing Video has been growing exponentially online for the last decade, but the importance of using video in your digital marketing just jumped in a big way.  The less you’re meeting prospects in person means you need other ways to build rapport, credibility, and trust. Creating video content where your prospects can see your face, your team’s faces, and get to know you before they ever meet you increases the likelihood they will buy from you.  Anytime you can increase their comfort level with you and allow them to lower their guard, the better. A strong video marketing strategy will make your virtuals sales calls go smoother because they will be seeing a familiar face. Action Steps:
  • Start shooting video on the job site and posting it to social media
  • Brainstorm 3-5 videos you want every single prospect to watch before reaching out (about your process, your team, etc.)
    • Script out those videos
    • Hire someone to come shoot for a half day or have a team member film you
    • Edit the videos and post them to your website and social media
Digital Marketing I often get pushback from remodelers.  “I don’t think people looking to do $300K design-build projects use Google to find the company they want to work with.” This just isn’t true anymore. Maybe it was five or ten years ago, but it isn’t today.  We see our clients routinely closing $100K – $700K projects from internet leads, and we also see $1M+ projects closed, just not at the same frequency. Digital marketing is only going to get more and more important as we move ahead.  If you’re not looking at your website as your primary marketing tool and primary lead generation tool, you’ll eventually become obsolete.  As our younger generations get older and become your target market, you’ll be looking at an audience where all they know is Google and social media. Right now, we’re in a blended environment where you can still survive on word of mouth and referral leads, but you won’t thrive moving forward. Action Steps:
  • Take a hard look at your website. (and not just the design, which is what it looks like)
    • What percentage of your lead flow is it producing?
    • How many customers does it generate for you each month, quarter or year?
  • Invest in content, SEO and lead conversion strategies.

Moving Forward

If you’re overwhelmed with where to start, look at the action items I laid out in this article and pick one section to start working on. Take it step by step and start chipping away. It takes time, but it’s well worth the effort and investment.

And if you’re looking to fast track things a bit more, I recommend you join our VIP list for Builder Funnel Academy which is our comprehensive digital marketing training platform for remodeling companies. The doors will be opening soon, so make sure to join the VIP list to stay in the loop and learn more.

Have You Adapted Your Marketing Yet?

Earlier this year, we all got hit with a big shock to our world. The global pandemic had impacts on our personal lives, our businesses, and just about everything in between.

It feels like you can’t even go 24 hours without someone talking about COVID-19. See, even I just brought it up.

But we’re not going to focus on that. Today, I want to walk you through an interesting trend I’m seeing.

I’m in the fortunate position to have a more global perspective as to how this year has impacted remodeling companies. My company works with over 100 remodelers throughout the U.S. and Canada, so I can spot trends, common challenges, and opportunities.

In this article, I’m going to share six things I’ve learned or confirmed since the pandemic hit.

Content is Still King

When everything started happening in March, the world froze for a minute. Sales conversations screeched to a halt and leads dropped. But when everyone started to normalize a little bit (within about 30-45 days), I noticed a HUGE upswing in leads across the country for our clients.

As I dug deeper to try to figure out why, I realized that this pandemic was playing right into the hands of companies that had been invested in content marketing, their websites, and SEO.

Word of mouth and referral leads dried up and online activity spiked even more than usual.

Here’s an example. Things were moving along fairly steady and then leads spiked in May and have held strong at those new levels.

Here’s another example below where leads have doubled since March and continue to rise.

And another where leads have just about doubled.  These are some big increases!

I’m only sharing these to show you that we’re seeing this trend across the board, not just a one-off scenario.  All of these companies have invested in a strategic content and SEO plan.  

Content marketing and SEO matches the way people shop and buy today.  Homeowners do their own research.  Your potential customers want to come to the first sales call armed with information.  We all do this anytime we’re buying something.

So, why not implement a marketing strategy that matches the way people buy?

You can get started down this path by answering common questions you hear in the sales process.  

For example:

  • Prospect asks you: “How much will this cost?”  This question translates into blog titles (CONTENT AND SEO):
    • How much does a kitchen remodel cost in San Diego?
    • How much does a home addition cost in San Diego?
    • How much does a bathroom remodel cost in San Diego?

I made the assumption that you’re in San Diego, but just use your primary market area.

  • Prospect asks you: “How long will it take?”  This translates into blog titles (CONTENT AND SEO):
    • How long does a kitchen remodel take in San Diego?
    • How long does a home addition take in San Diego?
    • How long does a bathroom remodel take in San Diego?

I think you’re starting to get the idea.  Write down the top 5-10 questions you hear in the sales process.  Those are questions your prospects are looking up on Google.  

If you’re the one answering these questions, you’ll start pulling those people into your website.

The Remodeling Industry Was Behind…but Catching Up Now

Being involved in the digital marketing industry as well as the technology industry, we’ve been implementing several things for years that would have helped a lot of remodelers when the pandemic hit. That being said, this kicked the industry forward in a good way.

What were those things?

Virtual Selling
Here at Builder Funnel we’ve been virtual selling for a decade. From about 2010-2012 it was mainly by phone only and the occasional use of screen share, but then we made the transition to using video tools like GoToMeeting (and now Zoom).

A lot of remodelers moved quickly to adopt Zoom, but there was a learning curve, and we’re still seeing that learning curve in process. The companies that push the hardest down this path will be the ones that succeed because that’s what your prospects are looking for as well. They want convenience and safety is a concern.

You can accomplish a good amount of your sales process via video and screen share, and it will actually save you a ton of travel time. This will enable you to take more meetings and fill your sales pipeline faster.

Action Steps:

  • Get all your sales people trained on video technology.
  • Create a presentation or set of tabs you can pull up on a call and practice using screen share.
  • Invest in a solid webcam, lighting, and microphone.
  • Practice with a team member.

Moving Forward

If you’re overwhelmed with where to start, look at the action items I laid out in this article and pick one section to start working on. Take it step by step and start chipping away. It takes time, but it’s well worth the effort and investment.

And if you’re looking to fast track things a bit more, I recommend you join our VIP list for Builder Funnel Academy which is our comprehensive digital marketing training platform for remodeling companies. The doors will be opening soon, so make sure to join the VIP list to stay in the loop and learn more.

Ep.118: How to Use Podcasting to Further Your Brand and Fuel Your Pipeline with Phil Pelucha

Because of the success of our podcasts (PowerTips Unscripted and The Tim Faller Show) we are often asked by our Roundtables members and contacts in the industry about the power of podcasting.

Clearly we are advocates of this medium and today we talk more about how you as a business owner can build your brand and pipeline by adding podcasting to your marketing plan.

Today’s guest is Phil Pelucha Phil, CEO and Host of Billionaires in Boxers, an international group of successful entrepreneurs. Phil is based in Capetown, South Africa and is a Creative Producer on movies, TV & events as well an international podcast host and coach who shares his insights into creating and monetizing empowering content.

Additional Resources:

Billionaires in Boxers Podcast on Spotify
Billionaires in Boxers Facebook Group

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Ep.116: Getting the Biggest Bang Out of Your Marketing with Susan Raisanen

If you have more than one salesperson, then odds are you have a round robin policy of lead assignment. But that could be doing your sales team and your marketing department a disservice.

Susan Raisanen joins the show today to share how tracking and assigning leads, based on sales strengths, can make a difference in performance and in your bottom line.

Susan is the President of Profit Finder Pro Software and works with business owners and managers to help them understand that tracking just a few simple numbers in sales and marketing can make the difference between a company being profitable… or not.

Susan is also the Director of Sales & Marketing for TraVek Inc., an award-winning design-build remodeler in Scottsdale, AZ, and a long-term Roundtables member here at R/A!

In this episode, Victoria, Mark and Susan talk more about:

  • The difference between Marketing and Advertising and how it affects tracking
  • How much efficient marketing can add to the bottom line
  • What numbers should you be tracking
  • Once you get the numbers from tracking, what you do with them
  • Whether or not you should cut your marketing during downtimes
  • And more…

Mentioned in this Episode:
Susan’s Book: Track It To Crack It: The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Your Company’s Full Profit Potential

Susan’s Phone #: (800) 972-6952

Click here to listen to this episode

Ep.108: The Impact Your Production Team Has on Marketing with Spencer Powell

Raise your hand if you are a salesperson… Maybe a few business owners raised their hands, but most likely our production people and our Project managers, Lead carpenters, and Production managers all kept their hands down. Not so fast!

In this episode, we step out of our comfort zone a little and talk about the impact that your production teams have on sales and marketing. For this discussion, we bring in an expert in the marketing world, one who has worked with hundreds of remodelers and home builders all over the country; Spencer Powell.

Spencer is the President of Builder Funnel, a Colorado-based firm that focuses on providing sales and marketing services for homebuilders, remodelers & contractors. Spencer earned his Inbound Marketing, HubSpot, and HubSpot Partner Certifications in 2010, and has been practicing and teaching inbound marketing to businesses ever since.

Tim, Steve and Spencer talk more about:

  • The impact production has on the Client Experience
  • The Top 3 things that will create negatives in the clients’ mind
  • The Top 3 things that create a positive reaction with a client
  • How the production team can create vital content for the marketing effort
  • How owners and leaders can get buy-in from the team and show the impact they have on the business

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Ep.110: Making powerful emotional connections using empathy-based marketing with Tanya Bamford

Current events have created an environment of incredible stress for homeowners across the globe. Remodelers have an opportunity to tap into their dissatisfaction with their home environments by using an empathy-based marketing approach to make an emotional connection.

Tanya Bamford joins Victoria and Mark to share how using the right messaging, imagery, and delivery channels can allow remodelers to present themselves as conduits for creating retreats from stress at home – filling their pipelines with homeowners who are hungry for a reprieve.

Tanya Bamford is the Managing Director of R/A Marketing–a full-service agency providing creative, yet straight forward marketing solutions for remodeling companies across the United States.

This episode will cover:

  • What empathy marketing is.
  • Practical ways to incorporate empathy into your marketing messages.
  • How this is this different than leveraging “pain points.”
  • The challenge of making an emotional connection with a strangers and how empathy marketing bridges that gap.
  • How remodeling companies can begin to incorporate empathy into their marketing.

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