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Demanding Success for 2024 with Doug Howard – [PowerTips Unscripted] S5 E2

Today on PowerTips Unscripted, Doug Howard joins the show to discuss the importance of demanding success by 2024. There are various external factors, such as uncertainty, economic slowdowns, and slower processes, that are affecting the pre-construction and construction workflow, ultimately impacting profitability. Therefore, owners of remodeling companies need to come up with effective strategies and practices to overcome these challenges instead of accepting them.

Doug has been a senior consultant with Remodelers Advantage since 2017 and facilitates 8 Roundtables meetings per year. He has worked with several hundred remodeling clients to help them develop strategies, understand financials, improve processes, and enhance profitability.

Victoria, Mark, and Doug talk more about:

  • What are a few specific examples of ways to improve the preconstruction process?
  • How does team alignment and thinking “Upstream” impact workflow and profitability?
  • What are companies using as measures to better drive performance?
  • And more…


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