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Running Effective Production Meetings with Teri McDermott – [The Tim Faller Show] Ep.04

Production meetings can either be an effective way to build communication between departments and drive profit OR they can become a complete waste of time. You may have experienced the latter; once a week the team comes into the office, arriving late, sitting in the same spots, not interacting or contributing and the meeting leader drones on.. attendees looking at their watches, etc.

Sound familiar?

In Episode 4, Tim and Steve look at various ways to improve the way your company handles team meetings. To explore further and get real feedback from the R/A membership, Tim and Steve welcome Teri McDermott to the show. Teri is currently General Manager of CRD Design Build in Seattle Washington and has been in the industry for 25 years, 8 of those with CRD.

Teri attended the Production Conference ’17 Meeting in Minneapolis last year, held in conjunction with the annual Remodelers Summit, and came away with various strategies to improve CRD’s meetings. What she found was that by making these changes CRD’s culture changed as well; more communication, fewer issues in production, more efficient process, less slippage, etc.

In this episode Tim, Steve and Teri talk more about how effective production meetings:

  • Promote communication between departments
  • Involve all departments, not just production
  • Keep personnel in the field, bringing the meeting to them
  • Are interactive and fresh; getting the team engaged (gift cards, candy, food, etc.)
  • Get meeting topic ideas from the team
  • Enable other leaders to run effective meetings and follow format
  • and more!

Whether your production meetings are meeting your needs or not, this is still a great episode to enjoy. Perhaps you will find the next great idea for your team’s meetings.

As always, we would love to hear from you… If you have effective ways to drive communication, improve efficiencies and impact profit with great production meetings, leave a comment or suggestion below.

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