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Marketing Toolbox: Canva is a Busy Marketer’s Dream

Marketing Toolbox: Canva is a Busy Marketer’s Dream

Marketing for a remodeling business is often handled by the owners themselves, an office manager, an intern, or someone solely responsible for marketing such as a Marketing Director or Coordinator.

Regardless of who your champion is, marketing is often a hectic, fast-paced endeavor; trying to keep up with the pace of a growing remodeling firm as you constantly try to add to your portfolio of amazing work, maintain your website, videos, blogs, social media assets, live events … and the list goes on.

Here at R/A we began using a tool to help us keep up with the pace of our own department, and we’ve found that is has saved us countless hours, allowed us to collaborate, share files and even ramp up our creative a little.

Canva is a web-based design tool that allows you to crank out social media graphics, basic logos, presentations and even print projects like flyers, posters, invitations and more. 


The key to using Canva is speed — an easy-to-use and intuitive design tool allows creation, editing and uploading of images to use and templates to start from. Once you have a design set, say a Facebook image for example, you can copy and resize for other social media-channels quickly and easily instead of starting from scratch each time.

Ease of Use

If you’re an experienced designer, you’ll like how quickly you can crank out work without having to open multiple Adobe products, and if you are a “newbie” you’ll find the editing tool intuitive to use. There is a “design school” with a series of how-to videos that will have you producing great work in no time at all.

Collaborate & Share

If you need to share images or projects with different team members, you can set up groups in Canva and share images or keep them private.

Multiple Exports

You can download your images quickly or, share them directly on your social media channels if you choose to set that up. Print projects can be exported as high-res PDFs and there is even an option to order prints directly from Canva, but we’ve not used that.

I’m sure there are countless other web tools similar to Canva and we have looked at a few; the key is to find a tool that is fast and easy to adopt and use within your own organization. One that you can use no matter how experienced you may be as a designer or editor.

If you’re interested in looking at Canva, visit their website at



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