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5 Facebook Posts that Drive Engagement

5 Facebook Posts that Drive Engagement

Inside FacebookIs your Facebook page under performing? Many remodelers make the mistake of thinking “as long as I post once a day, I’m doing social media marketing.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The whole point is to be recognizable. You want people to know your brand. You want to be top of mind when someone is ready to do a project. And you certainly want your brand to get in front of as many eyes as possible.

Your goal should be for people to engage with your posts–because it’s through engagement that their friends–and their friend’s friends–will see you.

Now, for the purpose of this issue, we’re defining engagement as a likes, shares, and comments. (Clicks are also an engagement, but they serve a different purpose).

These posts don’t contain links. Their sole purpose is to get people to interact with you and spread your post (and your brand) throughout the Facebook universe.

So what’s the secret?

All posts are not created equal. Here are five types that regularly over perform.


Quotes are one of the most shared posts on Facebook. Everyone loves quotes. Whether inspirational or comical, it’s hard to resist giving a quote a thumbs-up.


2. Questions

These are one of the easiest ways to get people to comment. The post itself demands it. Many remodelers make this mistake, especially when posting pictures of projects. Many will post a kitchen remodel and say something like, “Another quality project by Acme Remodeling!”

You dramatically increase the likelihood of comments by instead saying, “Just Finished! What do think has the most impact, the custom backsplash or the island bar?”

3. Challenges

A variation of questions, challenges get people thinking. And everyone wants to be the one to get it right. Here’s an example of a challenge we did.


4. Tagging Photos

You may be familiar with tagging people in a photo, but have you ever considered tagging a photo without people in it? This is a unique way to get friends to tag themselves on your photo posts. Here’s an example of something we did a few months back.


Here’s another example of something you could try; post a split image of two different decorating styles and and ask people to tag themselves on the side they like or agree with.

5. Caption This!

Here’s a fun and easy post. Put up a picture and ask people to give it a caption. This can really get the comment train rolling as people try to “out-do” one another with the funniest or wittiest caption.

caption this

Did I miss anything?

Please share post types that have given you above average results in the comments below! I look forward to hearing your stories!



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