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An Up-Close Look at National Gypsum’s People and Products

An Up-Close Look at National Gypsum’s People and Products

I recently had the opportunity to attend a special meeting at the headquarters of National Gypsum, the second-largest gypsum-board manufacturer in the United States. While there, I and a collection of other industry pros got to learn about their Purple® line of products 

I gotta tell you, it was fascinating — who knew drywall could be so interesting? 

The factory tour was amazing — thousands of square feet of automated machines producing thousands of square feet of drywall every hour. The process was managed by only 15 people on the floor. We also saw the extensive testing facilities, where scientists showed us their efforts to create products resistant to moisture, mold and mildew. We also got to work directly with the Purple products, where our own Director of Business Development, Steve Wheeler, showed how the pros do it!   

The Purple products are specifically designed to help remodelers and builders increase productivity and efficiency during Production. With the ongoing challenges of finding skilled workers, anything you, as a business owner, can do to boost productivity has a significant impact on profitability.  

There are several advantages engineered into this new line. Purple gypsum boards are faced with a grid pattern for quick, accurate installation and inspection — it’s a simple and unique feature. Purple Cement Board is much lighter than other cement board; and scoring with a utility knife — without ruining the blade on the first cut — is easy. The reinforced edges on the cement board allows fasteners to be used right up to the edge without any breaking or crumbling.  

While I don’t install drywall, several of the products caught my eye. One, the SoundBreakXP Retrofit Board, would be a no-brainer for many remodeling projects. We all know how annoying it can be to hear everything that’s going on in another room, and this product can greatly reduce that noise.  

Other standout products included the Hi-Impact and Hi-Abuse boards. Seems like many of your clients would be willing to invest in tougher drywall to keep their homes looking fresh and new for years.  

The product innovations were cool, but I was also struck by National Gypsum’s corporate culture. Everyone we spent time with radiated pride and passion for the company and the products. From the highest-level sales manager to the recently hired young scientist, every National Gypsum team member was eager to share the stories of how their products would help your clients succeed.    

Experiencing this wonderful culture while learning about the benefits of their innovative products made this a fantastic experience — and turned me into a National Gypsum fan!  



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