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What Drives Your Company’s Value?

The following article was written by Doug Howard and published in Remodeling Magazine.   Each year, every business owner should take a hard look at their company’s performance: Look back at where you’ve come in the last five, three and one year. And look ahead at where they want the company to be in the future

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Telling Your Remodeling Company’s Story

-The following is an article written by Doug Howard When it comes to marketing your remodeling company, how well do you tell its story? Some companies do this very well, yet most struggle to tell a compelling story that resonates with customers. If you’re not telling your story well, you’re leaving only one way for

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Working More Effectively with Subcontractors

-The following is an article written by Tim Faller  One of the highlights of every Masterclass: Project Manager Intensive course that I facilitate is “focus time.” Each company present gets 20 minutes to receive feedback from everyone else in the room on one or two topics of their choice. As the facilitator, I get to listen and

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Use Your Workplace Layout to Attack Slippage

The following article was written by Victoria Downing.  Slippage, on each and every job, is the difference between the profit margin expected at the outset of the project and the actual profit margin achieved. The difference can be found in the wastes inherent in almost any process, and they can be easy to find in

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Money Matters, by Victoria Downing

Financial metrics can help you make strategic decisions that could mean the difference between great success and dismal failure. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is someone who is knowledgeable and proactive and can compile and analyze these numbers. Louise Bartley, CPA, at Coale, Pripstein & Associates, in Columbia, Md., discusses the role of the CPA

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