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Money Matters, by Victoria Downing

Financial metrics can help you make strategic decisions that could mean the difference between great success and dismal failure. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is someone who is knowledgeable and proactive and can compile and analyze these numbers. Louise Bartley, CPA, at Coale, Pripstein & Associates, in Columbia, Md., discusses the role of the CPA
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Destination Profit: Use Your Budget as a Tool for Business Success.

Don’t just drift through the marketplace. By Victoria Downing. A budget is one of the most important tools to help you and your company succeed. It’s your plan for profit — the road map that you’ll follow throughout the year with a planned destination of profit. Business owners who work without a budget just drift
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The Dilly Dilly Manifesto – Mark Harari’s Secret To Marketing, Sales, And Life

Are you like me? When you get an email from someone with a misspelled word, do you look at the keyboard to see if the wrong letter is adjacent to the correct one?  Or what about this: whenever you have to write “Wednesday” do you say “wed-nez-day” in your head? I do that, too.  And
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To Grow, Get Good at Hiring – [PowerTips]

The following is an article by Doug Howard, Director of Consulting at Remodelers Advantage, that was posted in Remodeling Magazine earlier this year. The ability to successfully grow a company long-term is based largely on the ability of the owner to manage the critical resources of time, people and money. In this article, I’ll focus
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Common Courtesy Leads to Stronger Businesses.

In this article, Tim Faller, Remodelers Advantage’s Senior Consultant, discusses how kinder, gentler remodeling makes for a better work atmosphere and could lead to referrals.   Common Courtesy “The problem with common courtesy is that it’s not too common.” Remember that old saying? It’s true on the roads and in many workplaces. However, in these tough
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What Makes a Great Office Manager?

A remodeling company owner recently nominated his office manager for an Office Manager of the Year Award. On the application, he wrote: “Our office manager provides enthusiastic support for our entire team. She is an intelligent sounding board for all of our thinking and has kept a massive amount of detail under constant control. She
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