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How Technology is Impacting Your Mental Health, Relationships, and Productivity at Work with Rob Krecak – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.172

As a society, we are now spending close to four hours per day on our smartphones, a 59% increase compared to just two years ago. The total amount of time that each person spends in front of all media per day is 12 hours and 21 minutes, which is up 11% over two years, and
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Design Services as a Profit Center For Your Business with Dan Baumann – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.171

More and more remodeling and home building contractors realize the value their design services bring to their clients, and it is becoming a profit center for many companies.  Guest Dan Baumann is here to share the many reasons why you should be charging a fair price for your design services. Dan is the founder of
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Helpful Tips on Hiring with Mike DiFabion – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.170

Hiring is on everybody’s mind these days.  But, utilizing the proper tools in the hiring process is key to ensuring you’re creating a great team.  Guest Mike DiFabion is here to share over 20 years of experience in the remodeling industry and the tips and tricks to creating a smooth, efficient hiring process. Mike started
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Opportunities and Challenges for Residential Remodeling in 2022 with Abbe Will – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.169

The U.S. home and remodeling market continues to be influenced by a variety of housing and lifestyle changes, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.  As this year comes to a close and we begin to prepare for 2022, we can learn and grow from these patterns.  Guest Abbe Will is here to share some pandemic-induced
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How to Embed Innovation into Your Remodeling Company with Ben Bensaou – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.168

Many people believe that innovation comes from a sudden “aha!” moment, but, that is rarely the case.  So, guest Ben Bensaou is here to share how to continuously embed innovation into your company using a systematic approach. Ben Bensaou is a professor and former Dean of Executive Education at INSEAD. As an innovation consultant, he
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Answers to Questions You Didn’t Know You Had with Michael Anschel – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.167

In a field filled with uncertainty, remodeling teams may find themselves asking an abundance of questions on a regular basis.  And, in many cases, there are questions that haven’t even come to mind yet! So, guest Michael Anschel is here to provide insight into topics that you may not have known you needed. Michael is
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