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A Secret Shortcut to Estimating Labor with Chad Vincent – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.161

Accurately estimating a project is critical to profit,  and one of the most challenging components of that estimate is labor.  Can you estimate labor simply and accurately? Are you spending too much time estimating labor for each job?  Guest Chad Vincent thinks so.  Tune into this episode to hear all about his new method towards
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Surviving Post-Pandemic: How Do You Find Balance in Your World? with Bob Logan – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.160

Our lives have been turned upside down due to the pandemic, especially in the construction industry.  Dealing with supply chain issues, a critical shortage of labor (especially craftsmen), and lingering concerns about COVID-19, many are stuck wondering how to get through it all. However, all of this has also helped provide perspective about moving forward. 
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One Small Thing That Makes a Big Impact on Others with Chris Stebnitz – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.159

Sometimes it may feel that kindness is in short supply.  That’s why it’s so important to take the initiative to remain vigilant and recognize kindness whenever you can.  Guest Chris Stebnitz shares something he does weekly, that results in a huge impact on those around him. Chris is a third-generation remodeling company owner in Elkhorn,
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Creating Your Business Exit Roadmap with Ashley Micciche – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.158

Did you know that 81% of business owners want to stop working in their business in the next 10 years? Yet, most business owners are paralyzed and doing nothing about their exit, because the process seems overwhelming to the point that they don’t know where to begin.  So, how does one focus on their business
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How to Achieve Consistency in Revenue and Profit with Andy Haste – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.157

Guest Andy Haste is among one of Remodelers Advantages most successful members, and he attributes that success to consistency and profitability.  But, how does one achieve consistent profits in such an unpredictable, and inconsistent industry such as remodeling?  This episode shares tips, tactics, and techniques to effectively set the goals and budgets to reach, and
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Making Money in Cost Plus Remodeling with David Crane – [PowerTips Unscripted] Ep.156

While Cost Plus Remodeling isn’t for everyone, it can be an enjoyable and profitable way of doing business.  If it is done well, it can be very rewarding and reduce the uncertainty of a market. Guest David Crane joins this episode to share why cost plus remodeling has proven to be successful for his business
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