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podcastThe Tim Faller Show

The Tim Faller Show Podcast

The Secret to Successful Bonuses and Incentives with Chris Peterson – [The Tim Faller Show] Ep.178

This is PART 3 of a 4-part series focused on Bonuses and Incentives. We welcome back guest Chris Peterson to hear his thoughts on bonuses and incentives as part of this 4-part series.  Chris shares his perspective on bonus and incentive programs and aspects other than money that can serve as motivation for team members.  
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The Secret to Successful Bonuses and Incentives with Eddie Casanave – [The Tim Faller Show] Ep.177

This is PART 2 of a 4-part series focused on Bonuses and Incentives.  Eddie Casanave, Owner of Distinctive Remodeling in Raleigh, NC joins Tim and Steve to talk about the bonus and incentive program he and his team use. In business 1987, Eddie has seen and tried many different bonus plans, and they seemed to
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Bonuses and Incentives with Andrew Kerr (Part 1) – [The Tim Faller Show] Ep.176

Financial incentives and bonuses are often how many companies attract and retain great talent.  Guest Andrew Kerr of Landis Construction is here to share how bonus structures can potentially lead to increased motivation and involvement within a company. Andrew has been with Landis since 2001, and as their COO he now oversees the company’s architecture, estimating, construction,
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From ICU Practitioner to Production Manager with Ryan Truesdale – [The Tim Faller Show] Ep.175

As companies mature, the need for someone to take the production department off of the shoulders of the owner is inevitable.  While having construction knowledge may be beneficial, we see that some of the best production managers come from a variety of backgrounds.  Guest Ryan Truesdale shares his story about making the transition from a
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Women in Construction with Jessica Bishop-Smyser – [The Tim Faller Show] Ep.174

Since the start of the Tim Faller Show, about 170 episodes ago, one of the goals has been to highlight the role of women in this industry.  Fast forward to today, we now have 5 dedicated, knowledgeable women in our production manager roundtable groups.  In this episode, guest Jessica Bishop-Smyser talks about her role and
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Pull Planning for Smooth Production with Jack Miller – Part 2 of 2 – [The Tim Faller Show] Ep.173

In the last installment of this two part series, Host Tim Faller goes in depth about Pull Planning, and how he thinks it can change the way the residential remodeling world schedules projects.  Instead of creating a schedule from start dates, the focus is centered around end dates, and guest Jack Miller is here to
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