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The Single Biggest Myth About Email Marketing

I love email marketing. It’s one of the most effective marketing channels available and costs next to nothing. In fact, clocking in at a jaw-dropping ROI of 4400%, you would be hard-pressed to find a better place to spend your marketing dollar.

Of course, to realize that level of return, you need to do a lot more than just send out an email now and then. It takes planning, commitment, and clear understanding of the many components of a successful campaign. There are so many components, in fact, that I could easily fill a four-hour seminar on the topic without batting an eye.

But learning the ins-and-outs of email marketing isn’t the hard part. The greatest challenge that you will face is getting rid of the “head trash.” Head trash is a common term among our Roundtables members and essentially refers to the beliefs you hold on to (stubbornley in many cases) regardless of the truth.

And when the same piece of head trash is shared by many, they become myths.

The biggest myth in email marketing also happens to be the most common question I am asked. “How often should I email my list?”

I have been asked this question at every single webinar, seminar, and workshop I’ve ever conducted. Often it derails the conversation because my answer is always met with heated debate.

What is my answer?

As often as you can.

If you can do it weekly, do it weekly. If you can do it daily, do it daily. And if you can do it hourly (wait for it…) do it hourly.

So, what do you think? If we were sitting face-to-face at a workshop, would you be pushing back arguing that I’m insane?

Email frequency is big-time head trash. Especially because few people that argue against me have ever tried it. They “just know” they would get hundreds of unsubscribes.

The truth is that if what you’re emailing is desired content, then people will welcome it, regardless of how frequently you send it. Still don’t believe me? I invite you to go to your inbox right now and see how often Facebook emails you.

Here’s a screenshot of my inbox.

Facebook Email Frequency

As you can see, I’m getting an average of three emails per day. And that’s after having unsubscribed from many of the default communications I was originally subscribed to!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Well I’m not Facebook.”

That doesn’t matter.

Consider this, if Exxon emailed you a newsletter twice per day, would you unsubscribe? My guess is, yes.

My point is, it’s not the size of your company – be it a behemoth or a two person show – that affects the frequency at which you can email your list.

It is 100%, solely based on the quality of your content.

Which brings me to the real questions you should be asking yourself:
“Is the content I’m sending to my list amazing?”
“Is it relevant?”
“Is it desired?”

If the answer’s no, then you should stick to your monthly newsletter. But the moment you can say yes, don’t be afraid to increase your email frequency. Get rid of that head trash and remember: people are happy to receive what they desire as often as you’re willing to send it.


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