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Pass the Baton and Delight Your Clients While You’re At It!

Pass the Baton and Delight Your Clients While You’re At It!

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Being the savvy business people that we are, we all know that our money is made in the planning stage of a remodeling project, not in the production. By this I mean, that the more organized and complete our planning process, the more quickly we complete high quality projects for delighted clients–and the more profits we keep.

In today’s tough economic climate however, it’s more common than ever for business owners to slash preparation time in half so that the job can start quickly. However, when enough time isn’t dedicated to planning, mistakes happen, orders aren’t complete, and the client can experience a deep sense of frustration instead of the delight that we all want.

I know that planning time means additional costs and no homeowner is beating down our doors to pay more, but I also know that the companies that are going to stay strong are those that are delivering top quality client experiences — those that I referred to before.

Remodelers Advantage business coach, Paul Winans, earned his stripes as the owner of a remodeling company for many years. Through the school of hard-knocks, he learned how to delight his customers and build a strong, highly profitable business because of it.

One of the processes he used to set expectations, keep clients informed, and avoid misunderstandings was the Pass The Baton process. This isn’t a process that he went into unprepared. Instead, he planned this meeting carefully. He was a true believer in the idea that planning is essential to profits.

Listen into a recent teleseminar as Paul explains how to use this essential process to set your company apart from the competition.



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